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ice water

Why you should limit cold drinks

One simple reason why you should limit drinking cold drinks is because your spleen does not like it. Your spleen is responsible for breaking down your food through digestion of which is powered by heat. When you have cold foods and drinks the spleen has to heat itself up again to work properly.  But meantime […]

unhealthy vs healthy

4 Ways to curb your unhealthy eating habits

Focusing on small doable changes is the best way to go when trying to change unhealthy eating habits. Keeping a positive attitude (“I can do it”) and staying committed are important to your success. Incorporating at least one of these 4 approaches is a great start. Reduce the actual culprits that tempt you – Next time […]

white flour

The truth on white flour

Have you ever wondered how white flour is processed?  White flour is made from stripping the wheat bran and wheat germ from it, bleaching it to remove its natural yellow color, adding synthetic B vitamins, and also increasing the amount of gluten the flour can produce. The synthetic vitamins that are added into the flour are […]

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