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4 Ways to curb your unhealthy eating habits

Focusing on small doable changes is the best way to go when trying to change unhealthy eating habits. Keeping a positive attitude (“I can do it”) and staying committed are important to your success.

Incorporating at least one of these 4 approaches is a great start.

  • Reduce the actual culprits that tempt you – Next time you’re in the freezer section of the grocery store skip the ice cream. Or maybe its cookies or chips- just don’t buy them.
  • Did you know a craving will last about 20 minutes from its onset? So now that you know that little tid bit when it strikes do something else. Maybe take a walk, read a book, call a friend, research vacations on the internet, anything to keep you busy. Setting a goal ahead of time as to what to do when a craving strikes is crucial. You don’t want to wait until the craving strikes to then decide- the craving will win.
  • When that little voice tells you to eat ice cream, a cookie or have those chips think about how you don’t want those additional calories and fat you’ll be consuming. Remind yourself how sluggish you’ll feel afterward and mostly, remind yourself this isn’t what you want to do with your life.
  • So your mind is set to clean up unhealthy eating habits – you decide to eliminate your evening snacks altogether. Instead of eliminating evening snacks every night set a goal to eliminate them Monday through Friday and allow yourself a healthy evening snack Saturdays and Sundays. Taking small steps will give you the confidence that will start fueling even more successes.

These lifestyle changes take time so be tender with yourself but keep at it. Small achievements along the way will keep you going.  Once you start to develop new habits that were once challenging,  your body will gradually adjust and it will start to feel more natural in no time.   It’s a journey, I wish you well.

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